The Free Association is a non-profit organization moved by the desire to learn. We create innovative opportunities of continuous learning in the field of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.


We are based in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal,  with colleagues and partners around the world.






The Lisbon Clinical Marathon is a clinically focused international meeting with the specificity of a large number of clinical case discussions organized in small groups oriented by IPA training analysts. The Marathon is not just about theoretichal knowledge that can be acquired through conferences, lectures, seminars or personal study; rather, it is essentially a matter of know-how and technique. Participants will work in small groups that foster a congenial milieu to get to know each other, share thoughts and feel free to ask even the questions that we may usually do not dare to ask. To provid a dynamic container for the work enviroment, the Marathon accepts only a limited numer of participants. We welcome psychoanalysts, candidates and psychotherapists from around the world with clinical experience.


However, Lisbon is not just work, it is also leisure. That is why the Marathon offers participants a Happy End Cocktail at the end of each day's work, where you can enjoy a Portuguese wine and chill out in good company. And let us not forget the Marathon dinner at Ramiro, probably the best seefood place in Lisbon.

22-25 October 2020, Lisbon

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