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In The Deep

A weekend delving deep into key psychoanalytic concepts with an invited specialist, Joshua Durban.


For a day and a half we engage in intensive work around key concepts and how they translate into clinical work. We start with a theoretical presentation and work our way to clinical discussion.

Lisbon Clinical Marathon

The second edition of the Lisbon Clinical Marathon is a clinically focused, international meeting where psychoanalytically oriented colleagues gather to discuss clinical work with four IPA training analysts.

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FERENCZI24 is the second edition of the annual HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR! - Psychoanalytical Happening Series.

This year's celebration is dedicated to Sándor Ferenczi, the enfant terrible of psychoanalysis.

Organizers in 24 countries for 24 hours celebrate the birth and work of Ferenczi.

We invite you to celebrate with us!

Circle of Trust

"Do you know a good therapist, that I could see? "

Finding a therapist is not always easy. It usually happens by word of mouth.

The Circle of Trust is a group of experienced therapists that we know and recommend.


Wild thoughts.png

Wild Thoughts

A polyphonic take on the polyedric nature of the human phenomenon by Vasco Santos, Rita Amorim, Steven Jaron & Csongor Juhos.


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Internal Habitats

Our next guest is Howard Levin.

Howard Levine is a Supervising Analyst at the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, a member of the faculty at the Psychoanalytic Institute of New England and has his clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts.

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