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Our world has changed.

It is too early to have elaborate reflections but brief random observations may begin to assemble experiences and help us think, work and carry on. In BREATHE we open up the discussion to all personal and clinical reflection on how the change of settings, the threat, the crisis and the social isolation is affecting our life and work.

We meet every two weeks for two hours online meeting on the ZOOM platform. Our meeting starts with the reflections of an invited guest followed by two commentators. Then we welcome group discussion.

The meetings are held in English, free of charge, and aimed at psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists. Attendance is limited. You can register below for the upcoming meeting on a first come, first serve basis.

While we breathe, we will hope.


We meet on Saturdays or Sundays, 15h (Lisbon time). The dates and the invited guests are the following:

April 18th - RICCARDO LOMBARDI (Roma)

  * Ana Catarina Duarte Silva (Lisbon)

  * Daniel Kupermann (São Paulo)


May  2nd - JUDIT MÉSZÁROS (Budapest)

  * Dóra Lõrik (Budapest)

  * Csongor Juhos (Lisbon)


May 17th - STEVEN JARON (Paris)

  * Joshua Durban (Tel Aviv)

  * Teresa Abreu (Lisbon)


May 31th - HOWARD LEVINE (Boston)

   * Judy K. Eekhoff (Seattle)

   * Shahrzad Hashemi (Tehran)


The meeting with Steven Jaron, Joshua Durban and Teresa Abreu is full.

Thank you for your interest in BREATHE.

The next meeting is already full. We are sorry, but we are not able to accept your reservation this time.

Registration for the next meeting with opens on May 18th. You can register on a first come, first serve basis.

See you soon.

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