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The clinical cases must be presented in English. We advise you to prepare a version of the case in your own native language too because the supervisor may want to hear parts of the sessions in the original. To avoid the circulation of clinical material we ask you to bring 10 hard copies, for the group and for the supervisor. The copies will be returned at the end of the session.


Any confidential material must be anonymised in such a comprehensive way that if a patient was to read about themselves in a paper or listening to a recording of the presentation or discussion, they would not be able to identify themselves. It should not be assumed that because, for example, the Marathon is taking place in another city or country a patient’s confidentiality is somehow of less fundamental importance.

Context for the Case

  • General information about the patient and about the treatment (gender, age, profession, treatment option, weekly frequency, duration)

  • Therapist's first impressions about the patient

  • Patient's reasons for seeking treatment

  • Patient's personal history

  • Patient's current situation


You need to prepare two sessions. The sessions should be written in direct discourse as exampled:


Last night I had a dream about Ana (coworker). I don't know if I should talk about this... (whispering, turning on the couch almost to fetal position)


Ana from work...


(silence) I would like to tell you the dream, but I think it makes no sense. Paula (wife) was in it too.

If you have any question about the case preparation or presentation, please contact us.

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