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Event's date

22nd of April 2023,  from dusk till dawn!

LOCAL Committees

The local committee organizing the event may include practitioners of psychoanalysis, members or associates of psychoanalytically related institutions. All will be assisted and coordinated by the coordinating team (see below).


1) Introduction: Presentation of the FERENCI24 Project as a pre-event of the Ferenczi 150th Anniversary International Conference (5 min) - 2) Presentation of the selected text and the reader(s) (5-10 min) - 3) Reading (approximately 1 hour) - 4) Open discussion with attendees.

starting hour

The event takes place in the evening and starts between 7 and 9 pm local time. Times may vary to accommodate local planning needs.


The duration of each local event is about 2 hours.

Filming and streaming

The reading should be filmed. We will streamline all of them on the FERENCZI24 Facebook page. The Free will also gather the videos and make them available on a FERENCZI24 webpage posted on our website. Please note that to ensure the quality of the recordings, the following technical conditions are required: HD camera (smartphone), tripod, microphone (a smartphone microphone is not enough for good sound quality), lighting equipment if necessary, and a good, reliable WiFi connection.


The local committee chooses the text that will be read in a given location. Local languages may of course be used but the selected text must be one of Ferenczi's own. Please check with the Coordinating Commitee about your choice beforehand so that we can make sure that a range of Ferenczi’s writings will be read.


Readers may be practitioners of psychoanalysis, sympathizers or friends, artists or public figures. They should possess a good, clear, and expressive voice. As one hour of reading is quite a long time, we suggest bringing together a small group of readers.


The local committee publicizes the event locally. The logo, poster, and fliers are designed by the Free so that each local group will have the same visual identity. The text on the poster and fliers may be translated into the local language and adapted to the local event. The Free is pleased to help with adaptations made by the local committee. The Free will publicize the event internationally among the psychoanalytic community, but you will know better how to publicize the event in your community so, we are counting on your creativity and resourcefulness.


Whenever possible, the FERENCZI24 event should be free of charge.

coordinating Team

Teresa Abreu  - Lisbon

Shahrzad Hashemi - Belfast

Steven Jaron - Paris

Csongor Juhos - Lisbon,

Dóra Lõrik - Budapest

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