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A worldwide celebration!

FREUD24 is a worldwide celebration of the birth and work of Sigmund Freud. On May 6th, Freud’s birthday, a group of readers, in 24 cities around the globe, will read aloud one of the many texts of Freud. After the reading there is time for sharing thoughts. The celebration will be live streamed on the FREUD24 Facebook page.

New Zealand - china - India - iran

georgia - turkey - romania - russia -france - Poland

hungary - spain - portugal - brazil

usa - chile - peru - mexico




In these times of sound and fury, Freud endures as a tightrope walker of the dream and drive. He endures as the luminous tar of an uncertain future.


We could surely never live if night would descend over the stupendous and imaginative clarity of Freud.


What would we see?


What good would become of the ways of the past?


Psychoanalysis is an acquired universal.

And never ever will we return to a place of mere conscience.

In such time, the child was not yet the father of the adult, nor was all the time eternally present.




Infantile sexuality, bisexuality, the introduction of a difference between biological sexuality and psychosexuality are capital discoveries with implications in law, morality, religion, education and art.

So important in fact that we sometimes lose sight of its role in the banality of the contemporary entertainment society.




And no matter how much science, or night and the convulsive times and the obscure skies, and because of that, and because solitude, love and death never forsake us, the psychoanalytic revolution remains.

And lives.  And leaves.

Out of sync with economic man. Because the time of efficient man will one day perish and upon him mad love will be written, love that stirs revolution, before sleep.



Psychoanalysis is one of the greatest modalities of love.


Love in visitation.


And its discoveries, its creation, will they forever be?


And its discoveries will not forever be on earth.


Just a little in time.

Vasco Santos

Psychoanalyst, Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society

Translated from Portuguese by Teresa Abreu