Annual Psychoanalytical Happening Series

The HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. Annual Psychoanalytical Happening Series aims to pay a tribute, to raise public awareness to psychoanalytic thinkers and to be an enjoyable get together. Each event of the series is a celebration of the birth and work of an emblematic figure of psychoanalytic history. The event takes place on the date of the birthday of the celebrated author consisting of coordinated public readings of the author's works in different countries. From East to West, following the Sun's path, the readings take place in 24 different cities. Each reading lasts for an hour, summing up to a total of 24 hours at the end of that day. The reading are live streamed on the event's Facebook page.

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FREUD24, the celebration of Sigmund Freud birth and work, took place on May 6th 2019 and it was the inaugural event of the Happy Birthday Dr. series. To learn more visit the F24 web and the Facebook page.


Sándor Ferenczi, the Hungarian physicist and psychoanalyst was one of Freud's most intimate friends. He was known as the enfant terrible of psychoanalysis for his fierce open mindedness, explorer spirit and creativity. FERENCZI24 is the celebration of his birth and work on July 7th 2020. To learn more visit the FCZI24 web or Facebook page.