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The Free Association Lisbon is an independent, psychoanalytic educational cooperative that offers participants a variety of opportunities for unfettered discussion, inquiry and exchange. Founded and run by three dedicated young professionals, the space that they have created is truly ‘free’ in that it functions alongside of the traditional organizational contexts – such as Universities, Societies, Institutes and Associations. While the latter are necessary and inevitable, they are also sometimes constricted by the very successes of their local and regional developments and by theoretical and personal obligations, commitments and hierarchies. The opportunities offered to analysts from all regions and at all levels of experience to work together outside of those more familiar contexts is that they are truly free to pursue areas of interest that are not ‘the usual,’ the prescribed or the ‘preferred’ local ways of thinking. The result is an exciting milieu for teachers and participants, who have the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives, broaden and deepen their own evolving ways of understanding and working psychoanalytically and help move analysis further along into the 21st century. 

Howard Levine, 2021

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