Patients who have suffered childhood traumas often retreat from relationship in an effort to protect themselves. Yet their suffering continues unabated due to their inability to process and think about what they are experiencing. They lack the words to explain themselves and have no impulse to communicate to others. Their lack of faith in others, their past experiences of being misunderstood and perhaps abused interferes with their ability to make use of the analyst. Their despair brings them to us, seeking something that they themselves often cannot name. They are afraid to hope for understanding, but think that perhaps they may be able to find relief. Analysts working with these states, which are largely unmentalized are required to use their counter-transference in order to reach them.


This seminar will use clinical examples to illustrate a psychoanalytic model of treatment.


New Visions of Psychoanalysis for the XXI Century

Judy K. Eekhoff

Judy K. Eekhoff, PhD FIPA is an IPA certified training and supervising psychoanalyst and a licensed child psychologist who has a private practice in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is a full faculty member of Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society & Institute, of Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and of COR Northwest Family Development Center. She is the author of numerous articles and book chapters and of the book: Trauma & Primitive Mental States, An Object Relations Perspective.  Her second book, Bion and Primitive Mental States is due out from Routledge in 2021.





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​For a day we engage in case discussions around theoretical key concepts and how they translate into clinical work. If you haven't attended the theoretical seminars, don't worry. The IN THE DEEP works well as an independent learning opportunity.

June 6th - 15.00-18.15 (Lisbon Time)

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