New Visions of Psychoanalysis for the XXI Century

Wilfred R. Bion and Donald W. Winnicott have exerted a profound influence on the theory and practice of clinical psychoanalysis over the past sixty years. Their groundbreaking ideas have turned into a vibrant wave in psychoanalysis that challenges traditional theory and practice. This course will focus on the revolutionary meaning of late Bion’s and Winnicott’s ideas, especially the radical departure of their clinical ideas and practices from conventional psychoanalytic work - introducing a revolutionary change in clinical psychoanalysis. The profound significance and implications of their clinical thinking will be examined, in particular Bion’s conception of transformation in O and Winnicott’s clinical-technical revision of analytic work, with its emphasis on regression in the treatment of more disturbed patients. I will specifically connect the unknown and unknowable emotional reality-O with unthinkable breakdown (Winnicott) and mental catastrophe (Bion).

Ofra Eshel

Ofra Eshel is a training and supervising analyst and faculty member of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, and member of IPA. Vice-president of the International Winnicott Association. Founder and head of the post-graduate track “Independent Psychoanalysis: Radical Breakthroughs” at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University.  She received the Leonard J. Comess Fund grant at NCP (Los Angeles, 2011), the David Hammond grant at MIP (Boston, 2016), was a visiting scholar at PINC (San Francisco, 2013), visiting lecturer and supervisor at the advanced International training program in Winnicott’s psychoanalysis (Beijing, China, 2018), the lecturer of  PCC's 8th Annual Wilfred Bion Conference (Los Angeles, 2018), and is the 2021 Robert J. Stoller Lecture speaker (NCP, Los Angeles, 2021). She was awarded the 2013 Frances Tustin International Memorial Prize, and the 2017 Symonds Prize, and was featured in 2012 in Globes (Israel’s financial newspaper and magazine) as sixteenth of the fifty most influential women in Israel. She presented and published numerous articles and is the co-editor of Was It or Was It Not? When Shadows of Sexual Abuse Emerge in Psychoanalytic Treatment (Carmel, 2017), and author of The Emergence of Analytic Oneness: Into the Heart of Psychoanalysis (Routledge, 2019). She is in private practice in Tel Aviv, Israel.





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