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The Lisbon based Unicorn Project provides annual series of online encounters between psychoanalysts in training, young and experienced psychoanalysts from all around the world. We wish to create opportunities for honest exchange of thoughts, feelings and experiences about the intricate nature of our work and the human mind.


We wish to learn.

The encounters are theoretical and clinical discussions organized around an annual theme. For 2017 the topic was trauma, for 2018 it was depression. For each discussion we invite a psychoanalyst specialized on the topic. The discussion is developed based on the presentation of the speaker and clinical vignettes put forward by the group and supported by pre-read papers suggested by the specialist.

The annual theme for 2019 is Primitive Mental States.



Cláudio Laks Eizirik

Franco De Masi

Rosine Perelberg

Jonathan Sklar

Marilia Aisenstein

Joshua Durban

Alberto Pieczanski

Dominique Scarfone


Howard Lewine


Judit Mészáros

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