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Registration Terms and Conditions

Attendance at the meeting is dependent upon your agreement to the Registration Terms and Conditions.



The official language of the Conference is English and Portuguese. All conferences, workshops and clinical sessions will be held in English or Portuguese.


Any confidential material must be anonymised in such a comprehensive way that if a patient was reading about themselves in a paper or listening to a recording of the presentation or discussion, they would not be able to identify themselves. It should not be assumed that because, for example, the Conference is taking place in another country that a patient’s confidentiality is somehow of less fundamental importance. In purchasing a ticket for the Conference, you are agreeing to keep confidential any such material that you see or hear; further should you inadvertently identify, directly or indirectly, a patient’s name that you undertake not to break the obligation you have implicitly given in respect to that patient’s confidentiality. You will also be asked to reconfirm this in any clinical session. If you attend a session in which clinical material is being presented and discussed and you think you recognize the identity of the patient, you should protect the patient’s confidentiality by quietly leaving the remainder of that session. In such case you may join another group discussion. Special care must be taken to avoid conversations about clinical material in any public place. Emails and internet postings involving clinical material should be absolutely avoided.


Early Registration - Until December 31st 2019

Professionals:  35 Euros

Students and Candidates: 25 Euros

Late Registration: From January 1st onward

Professionals: 50 Euros

Students and Candidates: 40 Euros

Notice of cancellation must be in writing to the email: The amount refunded will depend on the date when cancellation is received: If notice is received by the 31st of December 2020 you have full refund on cancellation. If notice is received from the 1st of January 2019 onward you have no refund. For refund a cancellation fee of €10  will be charged.


The Free Association is not responsible for the safety of any transportation or facility, or for any personal injuries or illness, or losses or damage to the property of event participants or those accompanying them, whether arising before, during or after the event.


The Free Association reserves the right to decline to register any individual, without further explanation. Participants who, in the opinion of the Free Association, behave inappropriately will be required to leave the event premises immediately, their registration will be cancelled, and their registration fee will be forfeited.
The Conference registration is strictly personal to the individual who purchased them and are non-transferable under any circumstances. Anybody who transfers an identity badge to another person will have their badge withdrawn and their registration cancelled without refund.


We will be taking some photographs and making some short films at the Conference so that other colleagues can see what it was like. The film will be posted on the Free Association's website and may also be shown elsewhere. Filming will not take place in clinical sessions classed as confidential, but may be at any other time including in lobbies, corridors and in the vicinity of the venue. If you do not wish to be photographed or filmed please write to by the 15th January 2020. If the Organizers do not receive your email, they assume that you gave your consent.  Audio recording, filming and/or photography are strictly forbidden in any clinical session. Any person who audio records, films and/or photographs in a clinical session will be removed from the event and their Registration will be cancelled and no refund will be offered.

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