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14.09 | 21.09

Cláudio Laks Eizirik

16.11 | 23.11

Virginia Ungar

07.12 | 14.12

Rosine J. Perelberg

Saturdays: 15h-17h

(Lisbon Time)

reMIND is a clinical case study quarter in which an international group of psychoanalysts and candidates examine clinical cases in the presence of an experienced discussant and exchange associations evoked by the material.


What makes this group different from other clinical groups is the rotation of the discussants throughout the year, which allows for a glimpse at diverse ways of thinking and working. In addition, there is the unique milieu of the encounters, the Free Zone, where you have the freedom to challenge and be challenged to think, speak, and interact in a facilitating environment fostered by the Free Association Lisbon.


reMIND is composed of 3 modules. Each module has two seminars with the same discussant. The discussants for 2023 are, Cláudio Laks Eizirik, Virginia Ungar and, Rosine Jozef Perelberg. For each seminar, participants can submit their case for discussion.


Given the clinical nature of the work in reMIND, the sessions will not be recorded.

reMIND is only available in a bundle of three modules and accepts only a limited number of participants. Throughout all the meetings, the participants will form a closed working group.



Cláudio Laks Eizirik is a Training and Supervising Analyst at the Porto Alegre Psychoanalytic Society in Brazil. He is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, former president of the IPA, and the recipient of The Sigourney Award in 2011. Currently, he is chair of the IPA’s International New Groups Committee. His main areas of interest are psychoanalytic training and practice, the process of aging, and the relationship between psychoanalysis and culture.



Virginia Ungar, is a training analyst at the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association where she lives and practices. She specializes in child and adolescent analysis and is the former chair of the IPA’s Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis committee and of the Committee for Integrative Training. In 2016 she was awarded the Platinum Konex Award for Psychoanalysis, and in 2023, she was distinguished with the The Sigourney Award. She served as the first wormen President of the International Psychoanalytic Association between 2017 and 2021.



Rosine Jozef Perelberg is a  Distinguished Fellow, Training Analyst and past President of the British Psychoanalytic Society, Visiting Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit at University College London and Corresponding Member of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society. Previously she undertook a PhD in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics.  

She has written and edited 12 books. Psychic Bisexuality has won the 2019 American Board & Academy of Psychoanalysis Book Prize for Best Edited Book. In 2013 she was distinguished with The Sigourney Award.


reMIND-2024 with Cláudio Laks Eizirik, Virginia Ungar and Rosine J. Perelberg.

Six online clinical case discussion meetings without recordings.

​​Registration Fee: 300 Euros

Successfully submitted.

I would like to present a case of mine to:

Terms & Conditions

Attendance at any Free Association event depends on your agreement to the Registration Terms and Conditions.



Use a credit card to make your payment.


The official language of any event is English.


Participants are welcome to present a clinical case summary, allowing the discussants to choose the clinical case they wish to work for the group's benefit.


You can cancel at any time. To cancel, send us an email to with your bank details. Please keep in mind that a 50€ cancellation fee will be applied.


The Free Association Lisbon reserves the right to decline to register any individual without further explanation. Meeting registrations are strictly personal to the individual who purchased them and are non-transferable under any circumstances.


The Free Association Lisbon will record all the meetings for archives. The recordings will be available for participants two weeks after the last seminar. Any recordings of any meeting or session by the participants are strictly forbidden.


By registering, you agree to these rules.

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