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20.05 - 03.06

Judy K. Eekhoff

09.09 - 23.09

Howard Levine

07.10 - 21.10

Riccardo Lombardi

04.11 - 18.11

Lesley Caldwell

Saturdays: 15h-17h

(Lisbon Time)

ZOOM without recordings

reMIND is a clinical case study quarter where an international group of psychoanalysts and candidates looks into clinical cases in the presence of an experienced discussant and exchanges associations evoked by the material.


What makes this group different from other clinical groups is the rotation of the discussants throughout the year that allows for a glimpse at diverse ways of thinking and working. In addition to that there is the special milieu of the encounters, the Free-Zone, where you have the freedom to challenge and be challenged to think, speak and interact in a facilitating environment fostered by the Free Association Lisbon.


reMIND is composed by 4 modules. Each module has two seminars with the same discussant. The discussants for 2023 are, Judy K. Eekhoff, Howard Levine, Riccardo Lombardi and Lesley Caldwell, who will propose suggested readings for the participants.


For each seminar, participants have the opportunity to submit their case for discussion.

Given the clinical nature of the work in reMIND, the session will not be recorded.


reMIND is only available in a bundle of four modules, accepts only a limited number of participants, who will form a closed working group throughout all the meetings. 


Registration is Closed.
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