Welcome to the ferenczi24 project

FERENCZI24 is the second event of the annual psychoanalytical happening series “Happy Birthday Dr.” organized by the Free Association, that aims to pay a tribute, to raise public awareness to psychoanalytic thinkers and to be an enjoyable get together. Each event of the series is a celebration of the birth and work of an emblematic figure of psychoanalytic history. The idea is to organize a public reading of his or her selected works, to set up a webpage on his or her tribute and to stream a public reading online on social media.

A group of readers will read aloud one of Ferenczi's texts in a public location. The idea is to reach out to local communities and sensitize the public to psychoanalysis and celebrate the work of Ferenczi. Listeners are free to come and go during the reading and after the reading there is time for sharing ideas between readers and listeners. The twist is that there would be several locations on the globe where the readings take place. Ideally, there would be 24 different host cities for the 24 hours of Ferenczi's birthday, a text would be read hourly in the 24 different countries around the world from East to West.

The Guidelines for the event that we have in mind and are presented here, are defined by the FERENCZI24 Board, but in every country there is a local committee that will adapt the guidelines and organize the event according to the given sociocultural context.



The local committee that organizes the event locally may comprise practitioners of psychoanalysis or psychoanalytically related institutions and they will be assisted and coordinated by the board.


1) Introduction: Presentation of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. psychoanalytical happening series, the FREUD24 Project, the chosen text and the readers (5-10 min); 2) Reading (about 1 hour); 3) Open discussion

starting hour

The event takes place in the evening and starts between 7 and 9 pm. The variation is to accommodate for local customs.


The duration of the event is about 2 hours.

Filming and streaming

The reading is filmed and streamlined on YouTube. The Free Association will gather the videos and make them available on a webpage created for the FERENCZI24 at the Free Association's website. To ensure the quality of recordings the following technical conditions are required: HD camera (smartphone), tripod, microphone (smartphones microphone is not enough for good sound quality), lighting equipment if necessary and good WiFi connection.



It is the local committee who chooses the text that will be read in a given location in the local language. The text must be one of Ferenczi's writings. The board should be informed about the choice of text for coordination purposes.


Readers may be practitioners of psychoanalysis, sympathizers, artists, public figures with a good, clear, expressive voice. As one hour is quite a long time a group of readers should be assembled.


The local committee publicizes the event locally. The logo, poster and fliers are designed by the Free Association and every location uses the same visual identity. The text on the poster and fliers are translated to the local language and adapted to the local event. The adaptations made by the local committee are assisted by the Free Association. The Free Association publicizes the event internationally among the psychoanalytical community.


Always when it is possible the FERENCZI24 is a free entrance event.